Writing An Argumentative Paper With Professional Assistance

An argumentative paper is a type of persuasive paper that makes a strong argument to a resistant audience. You need to make a strong and well-organized argument presenting your evidence. Your arguments need to be designed to appeal to the intended audience. These papers can be difficult due to the research required and the need to know your audience well.

Choosing Argument Paper Topics

Topics for these types of assignments must be controversial and researchable. You need solid facts, rather than opinions. You need to choose one side of the issue and argue your side. It should be a topic that your are passionate about and can write about objectively.

Writing Argument Papers

Once you've chosen your topic and researched both sides of the argument thoroughly, it is time to write. Make sure you cover the following points.

  • Present facts and cite evidence to support your argument, don't rely on opinions and ideas.
  • Organize your evidence in a logical progression to make your case.
  • Strongly refute opposing arguments with evidence from experts.
  • If you are having problems, have a debate on the subject with a friend. How would you convince them?
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Address your Audience

The arguments you make need to appeal to the intended audience. If you are trying to convince a group of engineers your arguments would be detailed and highly technical. Those same arguments, while still valid, would not work to convince the general public. Similarly, if you are trying to argue in favor of recycling, the city waste department would be concerned with cost to return ratios, while the homeowner may be more concerned with the benefits to the environment. Discover what concerns your audience has and discuss those concerns.

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